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autocueillette cassis biologique ferme du capitaine


Gourmet escape at the Du Capitaine farm

From July 25 to August 10

St-Jean, Island of Orleans — Notice to people looking for a good family activity to eat. Come and pick your own in the vast green acres of the Du Capitaine farm. Organic red currants and currants are ripe for the picking. U-pick is a great way to discover new fruits!

As we know, happiness is in the meadow, the Noël family — France, Vincent and their daughter Elia — therefore invites all city folk who wish to get away from it all to come and take a breath of fresh air in the countryside, to St-Jean on the island of Orleans.

"With thousands of plants, there is enough room for everyone who wants to have a good time for everyone's well-being. "

autocueillette cassis biologique ferme du capitaine
autocueillette gadelle rouge biologique ferme du capitaine
Red Currant

What can be picked?

After the holidays, sugar and strawberries, the time has come to pick blackcurrants and red currants. These very tasty little fruits, rich in vitamin C, grow in fine clusters on thornless shrubs.

“Here, the blackcurrants and currants are Ecocert Canada certified, which means that they are organic and that no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on the plants,” confirms Vincent Noël, farmer, vinegar maker and distiller.

When can we go?

Date: July 25 to August 10 — Closed on rainy days

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: 4748 chemin Royal, St-Jean de l’île d’Orléans – on the hill –

Information: 418-956-2614 – France Gagnon

What is recommended to bring with you?

First there are the essentials: hat, sunscreen, bottle of water, and closed shoes. After that, a picnic, to eat under the fruit trees.

Although a container for harvesting fruit is provided to each self-picker, it is important to have enough closed containers in the car to transport the fruit home.

We take cash or card.

What is recommended to leave at home?

The owners of the farm, dog owners themselves, ask visitors to leave their animals at home.

What is provided on site?

On the farm there is drinking water, toilets, picnic tables, parking.

A guessing game has been imagined to create a bit of animation.

“For us, self-picking is a big party. This is the culmination of months of hard work. We invite people to harvest good berries, but also to have fun as a family,” concludes Élia, 12 years old.

Visit the farm and buy fruit without picking your own

If self-picking is not your cup of tea, it will be possible to come to the farm to visit the facilities - the vinegar house and its cellar - walk through the fields, have a picnic, and more!

It will also be possible to buy fresh frozen blackcurrants on site as well as blackcurrant products processed on the farm.

-- Frozen Blackcurrant --

Organic blackcurrant fruits, hulled and frozen.

Available in bags of 1kg, 2kg and 10kg

For sale at The Boutique Du Capitaine

-- Wild Celery Salt --

A creation of Du Capitaine, assembled in house, at Saint-Jean-de-l'île-d'orléans. A mix of sea salt and organic wild celery  cultivated at our farm. A taste reminiscent of celery and parsley.

For sale at The Boutique Du CapitaineOnline Store

An original touch and delicious on your vegetables and potatoes. Even french fries!