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Products of the farm

The products in this category are mainly based on blackcurrants and organic fruits from our farm.

In smaller production, we grow red currant, the cousin of blackcurrant, lavender, wild celery and mint.

Everything is processed on site, with ingredients as natural as the fruit itself.

produit cassis du capitaine
caveau vinaigre biologique du capitaine

Cassis biologique

Beurre de Cassis
beurre de cassis du capitaine

This Quebec product is, and not by a small margin, one of the favourite products of the lineup Du Capitaine, and since 15 years at that. It contains high quality canadian butter.

This spreadable butter is an original creation Du Capitaine, made in house, at Saint-Jean de l'Île d'Orléans.

Not too sweet, it is undeniably creamy and unctuous to the taste. 

Breakfast companion or for certain desserts...we love it!

 Crêpes /Gaufres / Croissants chauds. Y goûter, c’est ne plus s’en passer!

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Coulis de Cassis

Certified organic, this coulis, made in Quebec, is all blackcurrant! The fruit comes straight from our farm. The recipe was created and is still made in house. Velvety and fruity - a flavour just sweet enough to showcase the true taste of blackcurrant.

A little treat that can accompany any dessert!

Cheeses / Pies / Cakes (Strawberry) / Ice Cream or Whipped Cream

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Feuilles sèchées de Cassis

Dried, blackcurrant leaves have interesting properties.

Feuille de cassis biologiques du capitaine

Blackcurrant leaf has long-standing health properties. Scientific studies confirm its anti-inflammatory, diuretic and digestive powers.

The fruit, in a highly concentrated quantity, would have an anti-prolific activity on certain cancers. Blackcurrant has favorable effects on health, especially against cellular aging. It also provides an excellent source of vitamin C that can be assimilated by the body.

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  • Rheumatic pains: Infuse 6 to 12 g of dried blackcurrant leaves in 250 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. Take 2 to 3 cups a day of this infusion.
  • Sore throat and dehydration: Drink blackcurrant juice at will, and several times a day. Ideal during a cold or the flu!
  • Diarrhea: Have a glass of juice
  • Seasonal fatigue: Drink 3 to 4 ounces of pure black currant juice, in the morning on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before eating. Perfect for cleansing and revitalizing the body, in addition to increasing your intake of antioxidants and energy.
  • Here is a site of interest to consult in order to learn more about the benefits of blackcurrant: www.passeportsante.net 
Jus de Cassis

Certifié biologique le jus de cassis est fait au Québec. Le fruit est cultivé à la ferme Du Capitaine. Il est fait d’une première pression à froid des baies donc les propriétés y sont hautement présentes.

Très peu d’ingrédients le compose : fruit bio pressé, eau, sucre bio et / ou jus de pomme bio. Aucun agent de conservation. Se conserve 5-6 jours après décongélation.

We experience perfectly the acidulous and tannic side of the fruit. From the first sip, the power of this black nectar is at its best. Keep an eye out blackcurrant lovers!

Le cassis est reconnu pour être un fruit énergétique aux propriétés anti-oxydantes vraiment intéressantes. C’est pourquoi on suggère de boire ce jus froid, parfait après un effort physique et lors de journées chaudes.

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Ketchup de Cassis
ketchup de cassis biologique du capitaine

Product of Quebec, this blackcurrant ketchup is a variation of the same that our grandmothers would prepare. A old-fashion ketchup that is good for patés and meats. It can also serve as a salsa sauce - Quebec style.

Only good ingredients: Canadian tomatoes, blackcurrant vinegar Du Capitaine aged in wooden barrels as well as organic blackcurrant from our farm.

It's taste is not too vinegary, not too sweet, with a nice blackcurrant touch. It even gets better with age (unopened). 

Beef / Chicken / Hamburger / BBQ Sausages / Terrines / Meat Pies / Blue Cheese / etc.

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Moutarde de Cassis
moutarde de cassis biologique du capitaine

Certified organic, this mustard, made in Quebec, contains old-fashioned and Dijon mustard with a hint of our blackcurrant vinegar.

The fruit is cultivated at our farm. The recipe was created and the mustard is prepared in house. It's taste is, on one hand soft and vinegary and on the other hand, slightly fruity.

Grilled meat / Sausages / Sandwich / Vinaigrette … simple! Wherever you use your regular mustard.

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Sirop de Cassis
sirop de cassis biologique du capitaine

Certified organic, this syrup, made in Quebec, is all blackcurrant! The blackcurrant berries come from our farm and are transformed in house.

In a dessert or a cocktail, it's reputation is well merited. It's taste is deeply fruity and it's sugar content is slightly higher then it's smaller brother: the blackcurrant coulis.

For your gargantuesque breakfasts and brunches on crepes / waffles / ice creams

Dans un punch avec du vin blanc ou un mousseux (kir & kir royal)… dans un bière blanche ou noire (birkir)… ou simplement ajouté dans un litre d’eau pour faire un jus aux enfants ou une collation en bâtonnets de glace.

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Tartinade de Cassis
tartinade de cassis biologique du capitaine

Certifiée biologique, cette tartinade (confiture), faite au Québec, contient des cassis entiers. Le fruit est cultivé à la ferme.

Less sweet then jam, it's puts the taste of the fruit in the spotlight.

Toast / Crepes / Waffles
For an appetizer with terrines / cheese "Le Paillasson" /
Or as a guilty pleasure - just with a spoon! The real taste of fruit!

Recipes: Potato Salad with Red Peppers, Bacon and Blackcurrant Spread

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Gadelle rouge Biologique

gadelle rouge biologique du capitaine

Certifiée biologique, la gelée de gadelle rouge est produite au Québec à partir des fruits cultivés à la ferme. C’est Notre seconde grande culture après le cassis.

Currants were, in other times, part of every family garden in Quebec - well before raspberries and strawberries. Please your elders who might relive a sweet childhood memory.

Re-discover this jelly with a cheese sandwich / with lamb / on roasts / melted in a vegetable sauté.

For sale at The Boutique Du Capitaine / Online Store

Organic Lavender

lavande biologique du capitaine

Certifiée biologique, la gelée de lavande est produite au Québec et fait partie de l’une de nos petites cultures.

The recipe was created, and the jelly is made, in house at Saint-Jean-de-l'île-d'orleans. As soon as you open a jar, you'll be welcomed by the good taste of fresh lavender.

Discover this jelly with thinly sliced cheese / with Guinea Fowl Rillette from La Ferme Orléans / with Lamb / on hot white fish - delicious!

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Sel de lavande

A creation of Du Capitaine, assembled in house, at Saint-Jean-de-l'île-d'orléans. A mix of sea salt and organic lavender grown at our farm. A salt with a fresh scent of lavender.

An original and delicious touch to season fish / lamb / on chocolate or on toast.

For sale at The Boutique Du CapitaineOnline Store

Organic Wild Celery


Sel de livèche

Une création Du Capitaine, assemblée sur place, à Saint-Jean-de l’île-d’Orléans. Un mélange de sel de mer et de organic wild celery  biologique cultivée à la ferme. un gout rappelant le céleri et le persil.

An original touch and delicious on your vegetables and potatoes. Even french fries!

For sale at The Boutique Du Capitaine – Online Store