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Restaurateurs – Transformers – Retailers

Whether you're a restaurateur, transformer, or retailer, Du Capitaine Inc. is well established. We are equipped to provide you with organic or conventional blackcurrant, red currant, a deep variety of traditional vinegars as well as a delicious range of products from our crops and alcohols.

Every year, many professionals across Quebec, Ontario and the United States trust the quality of our products. Want to learn more or place an order? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet your expectations!

chef stéphane roch

A word from Stéphane Roth,
chef and owner of Bistro Hortus and Le BeClub

“Vincent and France are valued collaborations. Our business relationships are based on friendliness and authenticity. Their vinegars are innovations and of excellent quality."

- proud partner for 10 years -

Need our products?
We distribute - everything goes through us!

Proud partners for 5 years. Find a lot of local products made in Quebec.

-- Frozen Blackcurrant --

Organic blackcurrant fruits, hulled and frozen.

Available in bags of 1kg, 2kg and 10kg

For sale at The Boutique Du Capitaine

-- Wild Celery Salt --

A creation of Du Capitaine, assembled in house, at Saint-Jean-de-l'île-d'orléans. A mix of sea salt and organic wild celery  cultivated at our farm. A taste reminiscent of celery and parsley.

For sale at The Boutique Du CapitaineOnline Store

An original touch and delicious on your vegetables and potatoes. Even french fries!