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The Farm

Place where the magic of crops takes place, of the transformation of fruits into vinegars, derivative products or alcohols.

How to get there:
At the entrance to the village of Saint-Jean, look for the sign "Vinaigrerie Distillerie" on the main path, go up the coast, turn right. The farm is 300 meters further on, on a private road.

- Welcome to our home -
In 2006, convinced, I took the turn of organic farming with the arrival of my wife, a naturopath, who joined the company. Our fruit crops are all certified organic.

The company combines organic farming, local sourcing and an artisanal processing method.

Visit our facilities, by appointment.


Come pick this summer! - schedule and info

Cassis Gadelle Biologique Du Capitaine Île d'Orléans
Vincent Noël, farmer from father to son, initiated blackcurrant cultivation in St-Jean-De-l'Île-d'Orléans in the early 90s.
vinaigrerie du capitaine à l'île d'orléans

The Vinegar House

Venez vivre une partie de l’histoire à même un lieu significatif de l’époque « du marchand de vinaigre ».

Découvrez une vinaigrerie, où sont élaborés tous les vinaigres ; ainsi qu’un caveau, où ils sont vieillis en fûts de bois.

Discover our techniques acquired by the vinegar maker, both in Quebec and Ontario, and with artisans and other vinegar merchants in Europe.